Graphic Design

Festival Visual Mockup

This visual is a mockup for a german Jazz-festival called 'Europhonics'. It includes two posters (A2), a flyer (A5), a entrance ticket (DL) and a webbanner (DL). I finished it in february, 2015.

Magazine Advertisement Mockup

This is a magazine advertisement (A4) for a fictional drinking water brand called 'Hyade', inspired by the nymphs from the greek mythology that bring the rain, as well as after the starcluster that was named after the mythological creatures. To bring both together, I decided to picked the claim 'The taste of the sky'. I also chose a drop-shaped glas for the poster to symbolize the raindrops. It was finished in december, 2014.

Logodesign for the artists' cooperative MARF Productions

MARF Productions is a artists' cooperative, which was founded in 2014. Its members are Jana Heidersdorf aka Checanty and me, Maren König aka Kuckenburg. MARF Productions basic idea is to provide a different topic every month and challenge yourself to keep experimenting and being productive. It is also open for everyone who is interested in taking part at a monthly challenge and provides a website where people can share their works:


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