Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

MARF Productions - Monthly Challenge (October)

This months topic: textures! a collection of self made textures and a simple illustration based on those textures

Inspiration: Daniel Egnéus

After talking to Jana, I decided to recreate our current header picture on facebook for this months challenge. The grey gradient that facebook adds to the header pictures looks quite awful on the mainly white image. The additional lack of contrast between the profil pic and the header is also an issue that was bothering me. So, this will be my mission for this month!!

So, lets talk about the topic. Since the main focus lies on textures you can get very playfull with different colours! To me it looks like Daniel Egnéus uses watercolour textures, acrylic textures and magazin cutouts to create interesting images. Judging by the very clean edges I would assume, that he then scans the textures and puts them together digitally.

The dimensions for cover photos on facebook are 851px wide by 315px high. I went with a bigger size, but the ratio remains the same.


I decided to do a more three-dimensional composition based on the original M-shaped Kolibri header (since it seemed to be a more interesting composition. and it would be more fun to draw).
So I picked a few reference images from the internet and started sketching. I knew that I was only going to work with the basic shapes and not much detail, because the textures overlaying the image would give enough details, already (and kill te underlying details).  

In the last months I created a habit of only working in black and white at first and then, when the basic colour levels and contrasts are set, get the colour in. This way it is a lot easier to focus on the composition and light effects I want to apply.

This are the textures I used:

This was the finished black and white version. I actually think, I like this one more. But I felt as if this image needed more colour, because it was supposed to be our next header.
Sooo, I got the colours in. And it is really cheesy, which probably is related to me studyinbg baroque art and architecture (all the coloured marble and fat babies with petals and gold and...jesus) at the moment. Maybe I am going to get the eyes to look a bit more demonical some time. But for now I think it is ok like this. 
(And I'm sorry, that this entry is so short, I am super busy at the moment. The next time it will be my turn to write a blogentry will be in december so I can promise the next one will be more elaborat.)

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