Montag, 9. März 2015

Useful websites for free textures

There are some very helpful websites about textures in the internet. I thought it could be interesting to collect the websites I use most frequently and prepare a list of useful links. I listed them in accordance to their relevanz, whereby I mainly use the first two websites and fall back on the other three, if I can't find what I am looking for. Sometimes it also can be helpful to do a google image-search –just be carefull with the terms of use! Speaking of, I checked the terms of use on every website I featured in this post. But to be safe, I recommend to check them yourself again!!


CGTextures is probably the most famous website providing textures. They are free for personal and commercial use, credits or links are appreciated but they are not required (CGTextures License). You need to make an account if you want to download images, but since it does not cost anything, it isn't a big deal at all. You can probably find almost everything on here.

Photos Public Domain

A website hosting royalty free photographs, images, pictures and clipart for any use including commercial. To me mostly the paper textures are interesting. For example the light yellow paper texture with flecks, which I used on the pumpkin whisperer. Furthermore the resolutions are very high and you do not have to create an account to download the images.

Free Stock Textures

This one was mainly interesting to me for its grunge textures. The terms of use are similar to the above two websites. So you are allowed to use the images for both personal and commercial purposes, but are not allowed to sell or redistribute these textures in any form. You do not need to create an user account!


Not my favourite texture resource site, but they have some nice grunge images. The images are royalty free and you can use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes. No account required.

Love Textures

I'm not really digging this sites layout, since you can not search for categorys, only with keywords. Therefore the search is more time consuming and not very efficient. But when you do find an image, it has a good quality and high resolution. No account required and free for personal and commercial use!

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