Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

May I introduce "The Trogglers"!

May I introduce "The Trogglers"!

Trogglers are a species that is very skilled in working with babys. Trogglers carry the children in their mouth,  where they are kept safe and warm at body temperature. In this way the newborn continues to be comfortable like it was in mother's womb.
Trogglers love the taste of babies, but they do not eat them - the very thought of actually swallowing a baby is one of the most disgusting things a Troggler can imagine. Also, scientists discovered that the digestive system of Trogglers is not adapted to little humans or any other kind of meat as a food source. So, even if putting a baby into the mouth of a Troggler might seem like a dangerous thing to do, a Troggler's tongue actually is a very comfortable and delightful place for a baby. Interestingly enough, small children love the smell of Troggler saliva; it seems to calm them down. The saliva in combination with the gentle wiggle of the Trogglers tongue is a perfekt way to ensure the babie's wellbeing and good sleep.
A further benefit is the automatic rain protection based on Troggler's reflexes. They puff up their bottom lip with their mouth closed in wet and windy weather. The stretched lip skin  becomes transparent so that the baby can look outside while being shielded from the rain. Trogglers are friendly and good company comparable to the family dog. Their service areas include baby transport, protection and care as well as amusement.

They are available for hire in many children's clothing and hardware stores as well as bike and car rental agencies. When you hire a Troggler, the special Troggler-buggy is automatically included. Car seats are also for rent, but do not fit into every vehicle (SUVs and Vans only).

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